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Luxfer-GTM for New CNG Fuelers

The new G-Pak can be carried by a pickup, and the new GTM1350-R mobile CNG fueler can be towed by one.

The new G-Pak can be carried by a pickup, and the new GTM1350-R mobile CNG fueler can be towed by one.

The Luxfer-GTM Technologies joint venture has mounted the first public display of new mobile fueling units for CNG. The GTM1350-R and G-Pak both employ aluminum-lined, G-Stor Pro brand Type III cylinders from Luxfer, packaged and plumbed by San Francisco-based GTM in Tulsa.

The GTM1350-R has a CNG capacity of 46,000 standard cubic feet of fuel, approximately 335 DGE (diesel gallon equivalents). It has an onboard booster pump and dispenser, all on a compact trailer that can be towed by a standard, three-quarter-ton pickup truck.

“There is nothing on the market today that can carry this much CNG behind a pickup truck while dispensing high pressure CNG,” said GTM Technologies president Michael Koonce.

The GTM1350-R is fitted with Luxfer’s proprietary glass-bulb PRDs. It has half-inch full-flow ball valves on each cylinder. The result is fast filling and fast discharging (as much as to 75,000 scf per hour) – “unmatched,” says GTM, by traditional steel or Type IV all-composite 
tube trailers.

The Luxfer-GTM G-Pak uses similar technology for a package that can be carried on a pickup truck. G-Pak variants are offered for both CNG and hydrogen fuel.

The CNG capacity of the G-Pak 3 is 21 DGE at 3,600 psi. Hydrogen capacity is 6.3 kilograms at 5,000 psi.

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