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Luxfer Branches Beyond the Tank

Luxfer’s new quarter-turn valve and G-Stor Go brand Type IV CNG cylinder

Luxfer’s new quarter-turn valve and G-Stor Go brand Type IV CNG cylinder

“We now make more than just cylinders,” says Luxfer business development director Mark Lawday. But Luxfer (Booth 557) comes to ACT Expo 2014 as a much larger CNG cylinder manufacturer too. The firm has three plants in North America now, one of which is for making a new line of Type IV all-composite CNG tanks.

Luxfer is marketing its new Type IV CNG cylinders as G-Stor Go. Its Type IIIs are offered under the name introduced last year, G-Stor Pro.

The initial G-Stor Go Type IV tanks are 22 inches in diameter, with 26 inches in diameter for Class 8 truck applications in development.

Type III CNG cylinders have metal liners, almost always aluminum, with a full high strength fiber overwrap, almost always carbon, often with glass fiber for impact resistance. Type IV tanks, aka all-composite, have polymeric liners and a full high strength fiber overwrap.

Luxfer will manufacture its G-Stor Go Type IV tanks at the former Vexxel Composites in Brigham City, Utah – where the production capacity is 4,000 cylinders per year. Luxfer will apply its own designs. “We purchased Vexxel so we could hit the ground running with Type IV production,” Lawday says.

G-Stor Pro Type IIIs will continue to be produced in Riverside, Calif. and at the Calgary facility acquired when Luxfer took over Canada’s Dynetek Industries in September 2012. The Dynetek acquisition also brought the Dynecell line of hydrogen fuel tanks (and a Type III cylinder factory in Germany).

Beyond the fuel cylinder, Luxfer is showing a new quarter-turn valve for bulk CNG transport applications – like the products it offers through the Luxfer-GTM Technologies joint venture – a glass bulb pressure relief device (PRD), a solenoid valve for both 5,000- and 10,000-psi hydrogen tanks, and expansion-compensating neck blocks and mounting straps for the new Type IVs.

Luxfer has no plans to expand to onboard CNG cylinder assemblies, as offered by companies like Agility Fuel Systems (Booth 1145) and Trilogy Engineered Systems, which is exhibiting here with Kenworth (1157).

“We are dedicated to supporting people like Agility and Trilogy in the marketplace,” Lawday says.

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