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LA Metro’s SLEB to Fight NOx

LA Metro wants to bring six NABI hybrids back as NOx-fighters.

LA Metro wants to bring six NABI hybrids back as NOx-fighters.

LA Metro is seeking companies willing to convert six currently idle 42-foot low-floor buses with dated hybrid electric drives to SLEBs – Super Low Emission Buses. The agency is open to any and all suggestions that will allow it to reduce nitrous oxide emissions to the neighborhood of 0.05 grams per brake horsepower or lower – today’s limit is 0.20 grams per bhp.

“Our stated goal is to experiment with new technologies that can further reduce emissions,” says John Drayton, vehicle technology manager at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
From a technology point of view, “It’s open-ended,” he says, noting that the six 42-foot North American Bus Industries vehicles with gasoline-fueled series hybrid drives by the now-defunct ISE were themselves experimental vehicles.

“This is a great platform for a small firm to jump in and try different things,” he told Fleets & Fuels, noting that there may turn out to be multiple awards so that multiple approaches can be evaluated.
Bids are due June 3. —Fleets & Fuels, April 17


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