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Linde-WM for More Landfill-Derived LNG

Waste Management Autocar at Altamont

Waste Management Autocar at Altamont

Waste Management (WasteCon 2927) and Linde are developing their second landfill gas-based facility for fueling natural gas vehicles, applying $11 million in California Energy Commission money to develop a plant in Simi Valley, between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The new unit will follow on the two firms’ $15.5 million liquefied natural gas project at the Altamont Landfill east of San Francisco, inaugurated last year.

“We supply over 300 of Waste Management’s 700 [California] trucks,” Linde’s Bryan Luftglass said at NGVAmerica’s Boston conference last week (he spoke again at WasteCon on Saturday). “We’ve produced 1.7 million gallons of LNG so far,” he said. “That’s ahead of plan.”

With overall low fuel prices, however, making such facilities pay is not easy. “It’s tough to make the economics work,” Luftglass said. “We can do it, but it’s a squeeze.”

“Clean-up really has been the challenge,” Luftglass said. The landfill gas “is a mess,” he said, with “at least 300 compounds” to be purged from the desired methane. WM-Linde uses a liquefaction process from the Gas
Technology Institute, he said.

Steve Wilburn of California’s FirmGreen, of the other (very) few operators of a landfill-gas-for-vehicles operation in the U.S., will discuss his facility at the Swaco (Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio) landfill near Columbus at a WasteCon conference session on Tuesday.

FirmGreen is delivering CNG at a cost of about $1.60 per gasoline gallon equivalent, Wilburn told F&F ShowTimes prior to the Boston meetings.

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