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New NAT GAS Act – ‘It’s Got a Pay-For’

November 25, 2011 by piellisch in Fleets & Fuels Newsletter with 0 Comments

A new bipartisan version of the NAT GAS Act in the U.S. Senate lacks the 50¢ per gallon excise tax credit cherished by the natural gas vehicles industry – it in fact imposes new levies on CNG and LNG. But the money would reimburse the government for other incentives, making the measure revenue-neutral and giving it a better chance of enactment, says NGVAmerica.

“It’s got a pay-for,” association president Rich Kolodziej explains. “What they’re doing is advancing the industry some money and then getting paid back for achieving what is good public policy.”

“That’s huge,” Kolodziej told F&F just prior to the Thanksgiving break.

Under the new S. 1863, NGVs users would pay back the federal Treasury for the cost of vehicle and infrastructure incentives via a surcharge on the fuel for their vehicles.

The surcharge would ramp up by steps over a 10-year period, from zero in the first two years to 12.5¢ per gallon in the last two years. It would then expire – leaving NGVAmerica says, an industry where economies of scale have served to make NGVs cost-competitive.

NGVAmerica terms it “a bold approach” with “a  much better chance of getting Congressional approval.”

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